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Bond Insurance

Bond insurance (also known as "financial guaranty insurance") is a type of insurance whereby an insurance company guarantees scheduled payments of interest and principal on a bond or other security in the event of a payment default by the issuer of the bond or security.

Bambino Insurance Agency is just a phone call away when you contact the knowledgeable staff at Bambino Insurance. We offer flexible weekend hours to meet with clients outside of the normal workweek. We look forward to providing you with a free quote, so call us today to find out what we can offer you.

Contract Bonds

Contract bonds offer protection for construction projects. These bonds may include:

Bid bonds: protects the bids made by a contractor for a certain project.

Performance bonds: ensures the performance of a contractor for any specified project.

Payment bonds: guarantees payment to subcontractors, labor, and material typically associated with a project.

Commercial Bonds

Commercial bonds are usually required of individuals or businesses. These bonds may include:

License and permit bonds - usually required of businesses by the government. Examples of these include notary bonds, motor vehicle dealer bonds, and car wash bonds.

Judicial, or court bonds - often required in court proceedings. Examples of these include cost bonds, plantiff's bonds, and fiduciary bonds.

Other Bonds

Other bonds - bonds that do not fall within the above categories.

Some of the more common types of bonds are listed below:

- Car Wash Bond (business)
- Contractor License Bond (contractor)
- Defective Title Bond (individual)
- Finance Lender Bond (business)
- Immigration Consultant Bond (business)
- Insurance Broker Bond (business)
- Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond (business)
- Notary Bond (business)
- Tax Preparer Bond (business)

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